Monday, August 31, 2009

No Sarah Jane this September

It's now official: the third series of The Sarah Jane Adventures will break from tradition, by not airing in the latter half of September. We've come to expect the series launch on the last Monday of September for the past two years, but for 2009 - possibly to tie in with Doctor Who's Water of Mars in November - it seems that an October launch is now set in stone.


At the SJA event on Saturday, CBBC lanyards were given out to children in the audience. These had pieces of cards attached to them, which included information on various CBBC shows. The SJA segment reads:

Sarah Jane and her gang, Clyde, Luke and Rani, are back on TV this autumn for brand new escapades. They'll be battling Judoon, Slitheen and Blathereen non-stop in what's set to be endless action and adventure. And watch out for a very special guest star this series!

Brand new series starts this October, only on CBBC.

On top of that, at the end of today's CBBC marathon, the (pointlessly annoying) presenter revealed to the audience that October is indeed our date.

Several online sources - including DigitalSpy - are indicating that the third series hits our screens on Thursday October 15th. This would mean that The Wedding of Sarah Jane starring David Tennant will air mid-November, possibly just days before the next Doctor Who special - Waters of Mars, which was co-written by the SJA's Phil Ford.

Just over one month to go!


We know the Mona Lisa's coming to life in the third series, as played by Coronation Street's Suranne Jones - but have you seen this, the real Mona Lisa, coming alive in Japan...

Quick, somebody call our favourite journalist!

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