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***WARNING! This entire post contains pesky SPOILERS regarding the third season of The Sarah Jane Adventures... so if you'd rather not know, look away now!**

As you probably know by now the BBC Press Office has released the synopsis for the first two episodes of the SJA's new run of episodes, covering the entire "Prisoner of the Judoon" story:

Episode One - airing Thursday 15th October @ 4:35pm, BBC One
In the first of this two-part adventure, Sarah Jane and the gang face the most dangerous day of their lives, as the rhino-like Judoon return. When prisoner Androvax the Destroyer crash-lands on Earth, a Veil is set free and starts to turn Earth's technology against itself. And his next intended victim is Sarah Jane.

Episode Two - airing Friday 16th October @4:35pm, BBC One
Luke, Clyde and Rani fight their most fearsome enemy yet – Sarah Jane Smith – in the second episode of this two-part, alien-busting adventure. As the Judoon fleet approaches Earth, it's a race against time to stop Androvax. But with Genetech's technology on the rampage, and Rani's parents taken prisoner, can anything stop the Army of the Infinitesimal?

In an exclusive interview with SFX Magazine (which isn't due to be published until mid-November) Elisabeth Sladen previews the first few adventures of the series...

Episodes one and two “Prisoner Of The Judoon” by Phil Ford
“I love one and two, because I’m evil Sarah Jane, and I absolutely relished it – it’s great! I said to Phil Ford, ‘Why did you think I could do that?’ and he said, ‘It’s something you did or said last year’, so I thought ‘Oh… They do listen!”

Episodes three and four “The Mad Woman In The Attic” by Joseph Lidster
“Three and four my husband [Brian Miller] is in, which is brilliant. That was in the rain on Barry Island. If you’ve ever been on Barry Island, with or without rain, you would remember it. I got a chest infection on Barry Island! You look at it and you don’t see the terrible weather we had - it was a nightmare for poor Alice [Troughton, the director], it really was. And for the lighting guy. And of course this year we’re in HD for the first time. It’s a different kind of look and it looks so expensive – it’s wonderful, I’m so thrilled with it.”

Episodes five and six “The Wedding Of Sarah Jane Smith” by Gareth Roberts
“A great story. It’s by my lovely Gareth – he’s lovely because he knows Sarah so well, he knows Doctor Who so well. He puts little things in sometimes, where I look up from a read-through and maybe only he and I and Russell and someone else will spot them! It’s really nice to have those little moments.”

Episodes seven and eight “The Eternity Trap” by Phil Ford
“The haunted house one is incredibly scary - I mean I even screech in it when something happens! Danny [Anthony, who plays Clyde] went to the loo and he wouldn’t look in the mirror - when he came back out from washing his hands, he flew out!”

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More news covering series three over the coming weeks - including updates on cinema trailers, Doctor Who Magazine specials, and maybe some sneaky - and surprising - DVD news to boot...
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