Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Something Wicked This Way Comes

The folks at Doctor Who Magazine are good to us SJA fans*, huh?

That's the - rather beautiful - cover of the magazine's latest special, which focuses on our heroine Miss Sarah Jane Smith and all things SJA.

Fandom's greatest gentleman Andrew Pixley has looked over a mountain of documents covering the first two series, and created an insightful 'archive' of the production process. There's also an indepth interview with Elisabeth Sladen - so don't miss it! It's released on Thursday, priced £5.99.

We'll review the magazine later in the week.

*Just how do we refer to SJA fans? When this site first launched we offered the suggestion of Smithies, but let's be honest... that sounds a little lame! Can you offer any better nickname suggestions? Leave your's in the comments section below...
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