Thursday, October 01, 2009

Canon Fodder

"When the world needs saving, the only person you can turn to is... a robot dog!"

There's a new piece of promotional material regarding the K9 series doing the rounds. It started on a video that C21Media posted yesterday, which features a number of leading TV buyers outline the shows that they want to buy/air over the next business year.

Here's what Jim Howell, the Chief Executive at Park Entertainment has to say regarding the show:

"K9 is a 26 part series; a half-hour show aimed at kids from 8-14. K9 is a robot dog, an iconic character created by Bob Baker and Dave Martin for the Doctor Who show in the late 1970s here in the UK. But with a brand new 21st century design, K9 is now going to appear in his own series.

"It's a live action/CGI mix. It contains aliens and monsters; lots of laughs - humour and scares, and stunning special effects created by a cutting edge team in Brisbane.

"It's going to be broadcast in early 2010. Its first broadcast will probably be through the Ten Network, the terrestrial broadcaster in Australia, and it's a prime weekend slot - and it's also going to be broadcast by Disney Kids on paid television throughout Europe.
"The new K9 should follow his predecessors as a successful merchandising character brand, and should appeal to anybody that's interested in a DVD market and merchandising licensing.
"K9 is going to be fun for all - for kids, for family. It's going to be The X-Files meets Ghostbusters, for kids."

But enough from Jim! Here's some pictures taken from the new trailer, and doesn't it just look... ooh, fab?

You can see a full gallery of images from the trailer on's Facebook group.

The trailer appears about halfway through this video.

UPDATE: You can now view the trailer on Park Entertainment's site.

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