Friday, October 16, 2009

Early 2010 Treat...?

The Doctor Who merchandise store Galaxy 4 are reporting that a DVD boxset of The Sarah Jane Adventures series three will be unleashed upon us extra early, in January 2010. Normally - as has been the case for series one and two - 2Entertain will wait until a new SJA series is upon us, before releasing the prior run of stories.


This matches up to reports that I've heard about the latest series hitting DVD. Aparently 2Entertain want to capitalise on David Tennant's appearence mid-series, and the huge amount of promotion his leaving the show on New Year's Day (or there abouts) will get.

Rumour has it that a certain Mr Tennant has also recorded a commentary to accompany his two episodes on the boxset - and if true, it'll mark the first time that any commentaries have been included on an SJA DVD release.

No news on a Blu-Ray release, or confirmation infact that this January 2010 release is even going ahead. Stay tuned to for all the latest news surrounding the matter!


On top of that, they've also put the Tom Baker/Elisabeth Sladen adventure Masque of Mandragora up for pre-order, with an expected 8th February 2010 release. This release has been rumoured for a while now, and we know that work on several of its extras are complete.

If that wasn't enough for you...

Time and the Rani is supposedly hitting shelves next year too!

Hear that? It's the sound of a whole legion of fans rushing out to pre-order this absolute *gem* of a classic*...


Remember!! Prisoner of the Judoon - Part Two airs on BBC One and the BBC HD Channel from 4:35pm. It'll be available on the iPlayer platform for the next week.

*The site takes no responsibilty if you rush out and buy Time and the Rani, and it turns your brain to mush and encourages suicidal tendancies.

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