Thursday, October 15, 2009

Going Live - Week One

We're doing something new and exciting here on over the next 6 weeks, to tie in with the UK broadcast of the SJA series three. Read on to find out more... Basically myself and Nabu will take a page from Twitter's book and present a series of 'live' reactions to the episodes we're seeing, over the weekend following transmission. Come Monday morning, you'll have a running commentary by the pair of us of what we think worked, or might not have worked, in the episodes we're watching.

So begins the experiment... Keep returning to this page over the weekend to read updates from myself and Nabu!

"Prisoner of the Judoon - Parts 1&2"


Anthony - 16:09: We're about twenty minutes away from launch! I'm both busy fretting that what I wrote above doesn't quite make sense, and immensely hungry. Do I have time to go downstairs and make dinner before it starts? Hmm... should I risk it? My belly rumbles, so I think I will...

Anthony - 16:15: Pasta cooking. Good! Will be ready in time... Still trying to work out the best possible format for this, so stick with us! If you leave your own updates in the comments section below, along with your name, we'll add them to this main feed :) How's that for service?!

Chilli Beast - 16:26 :Ohh ... dont ya just wanna watch it now ... the waiting is almost unbareable - then you remember you have been waiting all year and its the very last part thats the trickiest !? Anyone Ready for Adventure ?!? More hot screen views of Sexxii Lizzz Sladden ?? I am.

Anthony - 16:27: Yeah... come on Raven, end already!

Anthony - 16:30: The cheese sauce I added to the pasta doesn't taste all that nice. Now I'm worried that I'll have a bad taste in my mouth all the way through the episode. No fair. If that happens, it'll put a damper on everything! :P

Anthony - 16:34: "Put your homework away..." Oh, alright... but only 'cos you're making me.

Anthony - 16:35: Ooh, ooh, Clyde! They've added his narration to the start... genius! I'm going radio silent for the next half an hour :)

Anthony - 17:04: Wow. The first thought that hits me is just how funny that was. Loved the Judoon driving the police car gag!! And the Chandra family seem to have grown on me since their first appearence in 2008. Hmm, what did readers make of it all?

Ryan - 17:08: That was amazing. I couldnt wait for it to start. I waS jumping around the house. LOL!

Anonymous - 17:19: Absolutely hilarious, SJA you have thwarted my education, I should be writing History coursework. But It was well worth it, Loving the Judoon and the police car haha XD. Dont get the underlying Chandra storyline, hope it ties in with the action tommorow. Luke is rather more confident. And where does a Judoon get a "Plastic squeezy"???

Anonymous - 17:35: Poor acting apart from Liz and Anthony, ba use of the Judoon, they need to be in groups! And if that's Nicholas rigs doing the voices: 'u've let us down! Jolly poor show, bit still strangely exited about tommorow. Don't blow Bannerman Road!

Anthony - 17:41: The episode is now up on iPlayer for anybody who missed it.

Anthony - 17:57: Off to work now, with a splitting headache. Not good. Keep those comments coming in whilst I'm gone!

Nabu - 18:03: Just about recovered from the flood of threads and conversation regarding the episode over at Gallifrey Base. My fingers are exhausted from typing! But I'll share my thoughts quickly. Finest opening to a series of SJA to date, totally blew The Last Sontaran out of the water. Currently planning to put up a little something before 7pm, stay tuned.

Anonymous - 18.36: I haven't been able to watch it yet because iplayer haven't got their subtitles up yet!!! I'm so annoyed. That's unacceptable. Hopefully they'll get a grip and there'll be subs up by the end of the day - by which time the world and his Judoon may have stopped trying to grab it, so my viewing should be hitch free...

Nabu - 19.13: To kick off a brand new series, we're celebrating by opening the doors on's brand new Bubbleshock Contest minisite! Be sure to submit your vote to choose a worthy winner!


Anthony - 01.00: Asked a reasonable question at work - 'Did anybody watch the SJA today?' Oh, how they laughed. I hate how people judge the programme because it airs on CBBC... and how they then judge me for watching it!

Anthony - 12.35: Just finished watching the episode again. Apparently some fans hated Lis' acting during her possession scenes. Erm... I thought she was fab! Can anybody tell me what they thought was wrong with what she did?

Anthony - 15.12: About an hour to go until the next episode. I suddenly realise that the Gita and Haresh scenes yesterday were a bit of a drag, weren't they? Hopefully they'll find a useful way of bringing them into the main story tonight.

Anthony - 15.14: Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with Gita and Haresh. Well... I do. I really want to like them, honest. I just... can't. No idea why.

Nabu - 15.50: I adored Gita and Haresh, such an improvement on last year! Same with Rani. So much more resonance to their performances this series. I'm rewatching Part 1 in HD at the moment, in preparation of Part 2 in just over a half hour! I'm rather gutted I have to go to work straight after, but I know what I'll be talking to my colleagues about! *dork*

Nabu - 17.04: Bloody hell! If the first part wasn't good enough, the second half just totally blew me AWAY! One of the strongest two-parters in SJA history, and it can only get better!
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