Thursday, October 15, 2009

Exams + Judoon = Trouble

Filming on series three of The Sarah Jane Adventures had an added pressure for Tommy Knight, because alongside Judoon, Tricksters and Blathereen he was slap bang in the middle of taking his GCSE exams. Doctor Who Magazine interviewed Knight on the set of The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, when he was seven exams down and with nine still left to go...


"It's not really as much strain as a lot of people think," he states. "I keep a steady head. I know I should worry about my exams, but I don't at all. I'll revise the night before, but that's as close as it gets. I get people coming up and going 'How on Earth are you coping with everything?' But I'm fine. I wake up in the morning and think, what have I got today - Sarah Jane or exams?"

And what of David Tennant's presence in the two-part adventure? Anjli Mohindra spills the beans, "It's such a privilege," she says. "We are so lucky, because David is a legend, really. Hopefully it's going to do this show a lot of favours. There's so much to learn from David's energy playing the Doctor. He's great, and completely committed."

Asked who'd be his ideal guest star, Daniel Anthony answers, "I'd quite like to have, well, my idol... I doubt he'd ever do it, but I love Will Smith. I think Will Smith would be wicked in The Sarah Jane Adventures. But I'm kind of happy with whoever comes in. We're a tightknit team, but we always welcome people with open arms."

Parting words from Anjli who agrees with Daniel's sentiments, "There's a good strong friendship between me, Danny and Tommy, and that's strengthened this year - a sense of team-ship between the three of us, as well as Lis. It's nice. The chemistry between us has started creeping into the scripts. It's getting a bit scary, because you don't realise that other people notice things like that."

It's a fantastic read that covers so much more than what I've reposted above. It talks about what the Doctor contributes to the series, touches upon fellow guest star Nigel Harvers and how Lis Sladen felt working again with husband Brian Miller after all these years.

There's also mini-interviews with Mina Anwar (who plays Gita) and Ace Bhatti (onscreen husband Haresh), as well as the Trickster himself - Paul Marc Davis!

That's Doctor Who Magazine issue 414, out today priced £3.99.

Don't miss it!


Plus! Doctor Who Adventures magazine (number 137) has a twelve page SJA pull-out section. According to the press release for the issue:

They’re back! Doctor Who Adventures celebrates the return of Sarah Jane and her fellow defenders of Earth with an EXCLUSIVE 12-page pull-out guide to the new series. It’s packed full of episode secrets, monsters, fantastic facts and interviews with the cast – including K-9.

The magazine is out now, at £2.10 - but hurry, it'll only be on shelves until next Wednesday, so you'll have to be super quick in grabbing it... or face the wrath of eBay buying...


Remember!! Prisoner of the Judoon - Part One airs on BBC One and the BBC HD Channel from 4:35pm tonight. It'll be available on iPlayer for 7 days thereafter...
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