Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Making It Big

Originally posted by Nabu San:

I've been waiting for something like this happen since Invasion of the Bane first premiered back on New Year's Day 2007. Indeed, both Doctor Who and Torchwood have done it, and it seemed only fair that SJA got the chance to do it, too. So when the show's Brand Manager, Edward Russell, hinted at the possibility of this idea being realised when I spoke to him at the See Me On CBBC tour last month - I can honestly say I was giddy for weeks!

Last Friday, the BBC sent me an email telling me this had been confirmed. *faints* And from the sounds of it, out of all the New Who shows that have done it - this is going to be the biggest and BEST one yet!

What the heck am I talking about?! Well, on the weekend of 24-25 October, the Livepool ONE is playing host to a braingasmic two-day SJA-fest, kicking off with a FREE early cinema screening of the highly-anticipated series three two-parter, The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith! *dies* But wait, there's more...

"Not only will children get to see an episode before anybody else in the country, they will see behind the scenes footage of the making of the series and take part in a question and answer session with stars Tommy Knight who plays Luke Smith, Daniel Anthony who plays Clyde Langer and Anjli Mohindra who plays Rani Chandra.

Alternatively children can drop in to Liverpool ONE shopping centre to take part in a range of free activities. Sarah Jane’s companions including a replica of the Xylok supercomputer Mr Smith, robot dog K-9 plus some of the monsters from the series will be making their debut in Liverpool. 

A special green screen experience will allow children to bust monster moves in front of a Sarah Jane virtual screen.

Finally braver volunteers will be transformed into monsters in the alien face painting zone. There will be free giveaways for children taking part in the activities. From Liverpool One, CBBC fans will defend Earth from extraterrestrial threats and alien invaders! "

SARAH-JANE.tv founder, Anthony, and I were amongst the first to get ourselves on the guestlist for a screening last week, which is the only part of the day that needs reservation. Yes, you read that right - I said 'a' screening. There's going to be more than one! *squee!* The rest of the activities are first-come-first-served, though the interactive bits are limited to kids-only.

This is going to be an AMAZING weekend, guys! Seeing SJA on the big screen is a once-in-a-lifetime experience worth paying for, and you'll have the opportunity to see it absolutely free-of-charge...if you're speedy! You can book tickets for the screening here, or drop into the ODEON @ the Liverpool ONE to reserve seats for you and your family! Really hope we see you there. =)

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