Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"The Next Two Series..."

See the above post title? That's a quote lifted from the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, with regards to what the production team are working on now that series 3 (for them) is complete. Yep, you read that right - two more series of The Sarah Jane Adventures are being planned (although still awaiting official confirmation by the BBC One and CBBC Controllers).


The exact quote?

'Although the team is waiting for official confirmation of the show's future, work has already begun on the next two series. "The scripts for next year are being written already," says the show's leading lady, Elisabeth Sladen. "Everybody's up and running with it..."'

There was a rumour back in 2007/8 that the production team had intended to shoot series 2 and 3 back to back, and this was indeed confirmed by Russell T Davies in interviews, although he admitted the plans fell through because of funding trouble. With the cast getting older (Daniel Anthony is now 22, for example) one way of ensuring there's enough material in the can before they look too old would be to go back to this plan, and record two years worth of material in one go.

So, series 4 in 2010 and then series 5 in 2011?

Well, maybe. Of course they could commission each series individually - in which case, a fifth series would depend upon two things:

1: How well series 3 & 4 are received by audiences.
2: If it still makes financial sense for the BBC producing the show. As we know, the budget for this new run of adventures was slashed - if the costs of making the show rise again, will the BBC decide against bringing it back for more?

Whatever, cross those fingers that the show is officially renewed, and fast!

Doctor Who Magazine issue 414 is out tomorrow priced £3.99. It contains a preview of the David Tennant-heavy adventure "The Wedding of Sarah-Jane Smith" - and we'll have more from the feature later today and tomorrow right here on


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