Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fab, Fave & Number One!

The results of Doctor Who Magazine's Mighty 200 survey continue to trickle through, and this month we find out the winners of the favourite Doctor and favourite companion categories. For anybody who's made the effort to read this site - dedicated to one particular former companion - you probably share my love of the time travelling winner...


Yep... it's Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith, voted into first place with a staggering 22.51% of the vote! Her nearest competition comes from Catherine Tate's Donna Noble (who manages around 15% of the popular vote) - although to say anymore of the top ten would reveal too much, so I leave it to you to buy the magazine and find out who occupies the next 8 spots!

It's fantastic to know that after 35+ plus years, the audience for Doctor Who (and The Sarah Jane Adventures) show no sign of tiring of the character, or our beloved Miss Sladen!

Lis was awarded a lovely Mighty 200 trophy, and collecting it she had this to say:

"No way?! You are joking! I am totally beyond chuffed. That's just amazing, that was not to be expected! I am so thrilled and honoured. Well, doesn't that say something for the programme? Thank you to everyone who voted for this. I'm overjoyed!"

As to the winner of the Favourite Doctor category... has David Tennant come out tops, or will either of Sarah Jane's prior Doctors (Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee) win the honour..?

I'm not saying! Pick up DWM issue 414 for yourselves, and find out!

For more on Lis Sladen, click here for an interview Nabu carried out with her earlier this month.


In related news, the 1974 adventure "The Monster of Peladon" will see release on DVD Januray 4th 2010, boxed together with its precursor "The Curse of Peladon".

Both stories feature Jon Pertwee's Third Doctor, landing on the alien world of Peladon amidst troubles within the planet's royle family...

The 6 part "Monster..." also features Lis Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith. It's unlikely that she contributed to the release's commentary, after her agent and 2Entertain failed to reach an agreement over the cost of using her.

That's the Peladon boxset, out Monday 4th January 2010 priced an RRP of £29.99.

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