Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Who in the What Now?!

Question: How well do you know The Sarah Jane Adventures? Is it:
A: Really, really well - better than anybody else on planet Earth, infact.
B: I'm confident I know my Slitheen from my Judoon.
C: Alright, I suppose. Still, Merlin/Primeval/etc. is more my thing.
D: Erm... The Sarah Jane What-Now?!
If it's answer D, I really don't know what you're doing reading a fansite dedicated to a CBBC series you know nothing about...

For everybody else, rejoice! For the BBC are releasing a hefty SJA Quiz Book, that runs to over 100 pages with 250 questions included. So, now is the perfect time to put your knowledge of Sarah Jane Smith et al. to the test!

You can pre-order the book for just £3.74 over on Amazon. Worth every penny - we think so! (While we're at it, you can pick up both of the new SJA audiobooks for just £4 - or there abouts - each. Bargain, huh?)


Just because we forgot to mention it last week when it was originally posted up online, here's an interview that the Daily Record conducted with Elisabeth Sladen in the build-up to the third series launch.

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