Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's Nice To Be Appreciated

Once again, the show has done us proud! The launching two-part SJA story The Prisoner of the Judoon got some fantastic ratings for its time slot last week, and now we learn that the show's AI scores (that's Audience Appreciation, if you didn't already know) are just as impressive.

Thursday's Part One had a score of 81, whereas Friday's concluding Part Two improved upon that by managing a total average of 86. To put that into context, it's higher than the 72 that most shows on children's television receive.

AI's are used to determine how an audience reacted to a piece of programming, and in particular how much they enjoyed viewing it. The average score for shows on BBC One and ITV 1 is 77 - anything above 85 is considered exceptional (especially for a show going out at the time that the SJA does...).

Well then... go figure!


Did you know that the first series of The Sarah Jane Adventures is now available to download via iTunes? Oh yes, every story from Revenge of the Slitheen through to The Lost Boy (but strangely enough, not Invasion of the Bane like you might expect...) has been uploaded for your viewing pleasure, at a cost of £1.49 per episode.

Alternatively, they're offering the entire series for £12.99. The second series will be added once those adventures are out on DVD, I should imagine.

(While there, why not purchase the two first SJA audiobooks - The Glittering Storm and The Thirteenth Stone - for an irresistible price of £2.95 each!)

Remember!! The third series of The Sarah Jane Adventures continues every Thursday and Friday on BBC One & the BBC HD Channel from 4:35pm.
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