Monday, November 30, 2009

Not Again...

SJA's been passed up for an award at the Children's BAFTA's for a second year running *sob* Not even the shows closest competitor, Dustbin Baby, made the cut. Against all odds or sense of reason, a Welsh TV movie called Rhestr Nadolig Wil [Wil's Christmas List] scooped up the award instead. *sulk*

That's the second time I've seen a Welsh show beat out SJA, there's some sort of agenda going on - I'm sure of it xP Then again, from the description of the story - it does sound rather interesting, even though it hasn't made it over to England yet [I think]. SJA had the chance to get voted in under the Television category of the BAFTA Kid's Vote, but that too got yoinked away from them - by Disney Channel's Hannah Montana, no less! To add insult to injury, for the first time in two years - CBBC's been hoisted from its position as Channel of the Year and replaced with *bites lip* Nick Jr! Gah(!) Not a good haul at all...

I've been informed that Tom, Dan and Anj weren't attending - not sure about Lis, though. She doesn't seem to be in the gallery section of the BAFTA website, so I assume a producer or writer would've accepted the award on the show's behalf - if they'd won :( Better luck next year with series three, I s'pose. Fingers crossed 2010 is the year that SJA finally gets a win!

In other news, a report on Memorabilia is forthcoming! Been over a week since the event, I know - but I've had a lousy cold these past few days, which I may or may not have caught off one of the SJA trio in Birmingham last Sunday! I really need to stop hugging people the moment I meet them. =P Stay tuned!
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