Friday, November 20, 2009


Originally posted by Nabu San:

Now that's what I call a finale! Even though both parts of The Gift scored an average of 0.8 million viewers, I personally thought that was one of the best [if not THE best] two-parters of Series 3! Alas, that's the last we'll see of SJA for another ten months, but for a few of our lucky readers - they won't have to wait long before seeing Luke, Clyde and Rani in the flesh at Memorabilia today!

Congratulations to:
Russell Hedley
Helen Randle
Mark Lenton &
Mohsin Sadiq

Who all correctly answered that Sarah Jane has encountered SIX incarnations of the Doctor in her time as the character. Well done! Those of you thought it was three don't seem to think much of The Five Doctors =P Sadly not all of our randomly selected winners could make it, nor the runners up chosen. So the spare ticket has gone to one of the winners siblings. Have a great time in Birmingham, guys! I'll be going along meself [catching my train in a half hour], so you can look forward to a report tomossy or the day after. :)

In the meantime, check out the official SJA website for more exclusive never-before-seen content than you can shake a stick at. =D
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