Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy Birthday, SJA!

Originally posted by Nabu San:

Happy New Years, guys! =D And a very happy third birthday to everyone's favourite show! ;) Oh yus, it was three years ago to the day [and to the minute] that SJA first aired on telly's across the nation. If you weren't around to catch all the promotional work being done back then, this is what you'd have seen being advertised in the lead up to Invasion of the Bane premiering!

Ah, nostalgia. *sigh* Feels like it was only yesterday that I was kipping on the sofa during my Christmas break from uni, getting ready to watch a show that would become such a large part of my everyday life in the years to come.

I wonder how my younger self would have taken to knowing that just two years after that fateful day, I'd have the opportunity to chat to Elisabeth Sladen, have a hotdog with Tommy Knight, visit Bannerman Road, head off to episode screenings, go to an SJA concert, review advance copies of the shows boxset/audiobooks, raise money for charity and meet Mr Smith!

2009's been a corker of a year, and with the fourth series having finally been commissioned [so sayeth Russell T] 2010's looking to be just as fabbity! And could you think of a more perfect way to kick off the decade and celebrate three years of SJA than by seeing two of SJA's leading cast in Doctor Who tonight?!

Tune in to BBC One @ 6.40pm for your chance to see a cameo by Sarah Jane and Luke in David Tennant's final adventure! *sob*

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