Thursday, January 14, 2010

What They're Up To

Originally posted by Nabu San:

Feels like it's been ages since we've seen the SJA cast on anything other than SJA. But that doesn't mean to say they aren't keeping themselves busy elsewhere. :P Whether serving customers in Pizza Hut adverts, educating youngsters about the wrongs of cyberbullying or in Tommy Knight's case...starring in a rather dark episode of The Bill on ITV1 tonight!

If the preview above was any indication, the subject matter of the eppy, titled Held Responsible, is intended for a mature audience. So if you were hoping for a performance where Tommy Knight plays another innocent Luke-ish character, read the episode synopsis below at your own peril! [/warned]:

DC Terry Perkins visits a clinic for rape victims, and is horrified when 16 year old Janine Clark says she was raped by her boyfriend Mark Watts and his three friends, Greg Holbrook [played by Tommy Knight], Paul Hayes and Leo Cooper a few days ago. At the station, Janine tells Terry she was invited to Greg’s house, where all four boys were drinking and watching porn. Janine admits to going into a bedroom to have sex with Mark, but afterwards he slapped her and told her to “be nice” to his friends. While Mark, Paul and Leo raped her, Greg held her down and Paul filmed it on Mark’s phone. The four boys are arrested and when Mark is questioned, the arrogant teenager says the group sex was initiated by Janine.

For an expanded summary, check out the ITV Press Centre. To see a few more preview viddys, head over to Youtube. Though, Tommy Knight fangirls may get a little more skin than they bargained for... [/second warning].

The eppy's on ITV1 @ 9pm tonight, so if you're considering tuning in, be sure to tell us what you thought of his performance afterward!
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