Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Magical Could Have Been

The rather wonderful people over at Doctor Who Magazine release the third in their series of "Sarah Jane Companions" tomorrow, and this new volume covers the final six episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures. As well as Sky, The Curse of Clyde Langer and The Man Who Never Was, it features a behind the scenes look at what could have been, had the second half of series 5 (and beyond) been filmed.


I haven't read the magazine yet, but word on the street (well, GallifreyBase) suggests that it covers what the secret of Sky really was, and hints at further returns for Jo Jones and grandson Santiago!

Of course, the release is tinted in sadness after the premature death of our beloved Elisabeth Sladen - but it will be a fascinating, and touching, tribute to see how our favourite show would have evolved if only history had not taken a crueler path.

That's the Sarah Jane Smith Companion - Volume Three, published by the folks behind Doctor Who Magazine at Panini.

It's out tomorrow, Thursday 16th August 2012, priced £6.99.


I'm aware that 'new' SJA footage is beyond us, but here's a link to two videos I shot when the CBBC roadshow hit Manchester's Trafford Centre back in 2009.

It shows the Judoon invading Sarah-Jane's attic... and there's a special introduction to proceedings by a certain Mr Langer himself!

Check them out.

(And apologies for their relative poor quality)
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