Thursday, September 06, 2012

13 Smiths go to Battle! (or something)

Now that the third volume of Doctor Who Magazine's fantastic Sarah Jane Smith Companion has been out a few weeks, I'll break my silence and report a few titbits from within:

The final three adventures of series 5 would have been called:

Episodes 7&8 - Meet Mr Smith
Episodes 9&10 - The Thirteenth Floor
Episodes 11&12 - The Battle of Bannerman Road

A polished draft script of Meet Mr Smith was completed (by Gareth Roberts & Clayton Hickman), and the magazine utilises it quite extensively in its report. As the title aludes, it would have seen the introduction of a 'human' Mr Smith (played, as ever, by Alexander Armstrong).

An early draft of The Thirteenth Floor (by Phil Ford) was written. It has been cannibalised, and will feature as an orgmented adventure for Wizards VS. Aliens second series.

Russell T Davies was to have written The Battle of Bannerman Road, which may or may not have written out Clyde & Rani. It seems both the actors and exec producer were unsure if the characters were leaving - or if they'd return for more adventures in series 6!

The final would have seen the return of the Trickster, who's destiny was tied closely with Sky. Ahem.

As reported previously, series 6 (if commissioned) would have featured an adventure starring Sophie Aldred as Ace!

The sixth series may have transferred out of Bannerman Road. RTD was contemplating relocated to Foxglove village; although - as with the Rani/Clyde situation - his plans remained fluid.

One thing about the finale WAS certain. Rani and Clyde would definitely have gotten together. Hooray!

After Lis's death, RTD and Phil Ford understood that they had a crew ready to film, and created Wizards VS. Aliens - the first episode of which features Elisabeth Sladen's husband, Brian (who appeared in the SJA story The Mad Woman In The Attic).

The magazine is out now - although you're best bet to buying it in shops is WHSmiths, where it will cost you £4.99 (not £6.99 as I previously reported).


In other news - there's a "director's cut" edition of Doctor WhoTerror of the Zygons coming to DVD in 2013! It's the final DVD release to feature Elisabeth Sladen, and features a previously thought destroyed opening sequence, never before seen on television!

Expect the DVD in early 2013.


You can catch clips from Wizards VS. Aliens in CBBC's new 'Autumn' trailer. The series is created by Russell T Davies and Phil Ford.
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