Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"She's My Best Friend..."

I'll be honest, that I don't often log into this Blogger site anymore. However, our visitor stats remain quite healthy. So then, despite the lack of any recent update - thanks for reading, and welcome to the world of Sarah Jane Smith!

A quick statement with regards to SARAH-JANE.tv:

We're here out of our love for possibly the Doctor's best friend, Sarah Jane Smith.

It's a sad fact that the woman behind that particular character, the magnificent Elisabeth Sladen, is no longer with us.

Since Lis' death in 2011, and the end of The Sarah Jane Adventures, my love and respect for the woman and her series has continued. My nephew is now old enough that he is discovering the show for himself - and as he watches on DVD it's a constant cycle of story after story; rewatched many times over, no end in sight.

But of course, the show has ended - and there's very little new news to write about. In effect, the main purpose of this blog is no more.

It will continue to exist as an archive of news for the series, and there may well be the occasional update here and there - but for the most part, that's all folks.

In the meantime, all of Elisabeth Sladen's appearences on 'Classic' Doctor Who are now out on DVD (the last release, Terror of the Zygons, hit UK shops last month) and of course The Sarah Jane Adventures is also out in full on DVD/partially Blu-Ray.

Russell T Davies and Phil Ford's Wizards VS. Aliens (their successful post-SJA effort) continues on CBBC  - with season two now showing. A third season is likely.

Finally, for a bit of self-indulgence and publicity, check out updates of my own blog.

Thanks again for visiting, and thanks for everybody who's left a comment. A big round of internet-applause for the rest of the site's writing team who have contributed over the years; in particular my partner in crime Nabu San. We did it!

To mis-quote our favourite lady:

Don't forget us.

Oh, and life reading blogs can be an adventure, too. You just need to know where to look!
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