Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Adventures in 2015

Howdy again, all.

This isn't a return to regular news reporting on this blog, rather a quick catch-up on the world of The Sarah Jane Adventures. You can expect more of these, from time to time - but for all extent and purposes, this site will remain in archive-mode only.

On with the updates - drop us a comment below if you feel we've missed anything major!

Cast & Crew

Tommy Knight has rebranded himself - as Tommy-Lawrence Knight.

He featured in Waterloo Road between 2012 and its final series in 2015.

Teaming up with Yasmin Paige, Knight also appeared in E4's series Glue, created by Jack Thorne. You can catch the show on the All4 catch-up service.

Anjli Mohindra teamed up with Russell T Davies once more in Cucumber - Davies' return to gay drama. Again, it's available on All4.

Daniel Anthony was a series regular on Casualty between 2013-14.

Joseph Millson married his partner Sarah-Jane (no, really!) in 2013. He had a small role on 24: Live Another Day in 2014, and has recently returned to the theatre for Mr. Foote's Other Leg.

Elisabeth Sladen's widower, Brian Miller, appeared in 2014's Doctor Who ep Deep Breath.


Launching this Autumn is the BBC Store - an iTunes style "video on demand" download platform for BBC content. It's expected that the entire run of The Sarah Jane Adventures will feature, and that it will mark the first time series 3 has been commercially available in HD.

Meanwhile, Panini Magazines has teamed up with Hachette to publish a fortnightly book series - chronicling every episode of Doctor Who ever made, in great detail. The Complete History will, of course, feature every episode featuring Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith, although the SJA are currently not in its remit. You can find details of the publication here.

The action figure of Sarah-Jane features in a 10th Doctor figurine boxset, exclusive to the UK retailer B&M Stores. It's expected that Character Options will reissue the figure soon, packaged together with the K9 toy. Look out for that at Toys R' Us across the UK and US.


A new Doctor Who spin-off aimed at the Young Adult (YA) demographic is to be launched. Titled Class, it will follows the pupils at Coal Hill School. You can read the latest developments for the series at Classy Who - sister site to SARAH-JANE.tv!

The BBC decided not to renew Wizards vs. Aliens for a fourth series - meaning that the show ran from 2012 to 2014. Only the first series is currently available to buy on DVD or Blu-Ray, although it's expected when the BBC Store opens, all the episodes will be available to buy.


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