Tuesday, December 05, 2006

At Last...The Limelight!

After practically being ignored over the last few months, The Sarah Jane Adventures finally received a decent sized chunk of the limelight today - and not before time we say!

We've got a lot to discuss, so lets get down to business, shall we?


The avalanche of news began last night, with unitnews posting the first offical cast photo from the series online. An embargo remains on the image for the next week or so, and to prevent unitnews from facing legal action, we won't reproduce the image here. Instead, head on over to their own site and see what the fuss is all about for yourself. Click here for that unitnews image.

Early this morning, more images hit the web (including this very site) but were removed because reproduction rights were not granted by the BBC. The ever faithful unitnews has exclusive rights to the images - and so, if you've ever wanted to see inside Sarah-Jane Smith's loft, or see what Samantha Bond looks like in costume, head on over here to view a set of eight beautiful SJA images for your enjoyment. However, I would ask you to respect the wishes of unitnews and not save this images to your computer (otherwise it'll lead to some nasty legal action, and we don't want that. After all, who likes lawyers?*).

It's also been confirmed today that the New Year's Day special has the title of "Invasion of the Bane". The one hour episode is due to be broadcast simutaneously on both BBC One and the CBBC Channel on January 1st, at 4:50pm. Later that evening, the final two episodes of Torchwood air, so it looks set to be a pretty great start to the new year for Whovians across the UK!

Thursday sees the launch of the latest Doctor Who Magazine. A press release for issue 377 reveals that the issue will house a short preview of "Invasion of the Bane", and news on the series development too. Also inside are the results for this year's DWM Survey. The Sarah-Jane centric "School Reunion" must surely be a contender for "Best Episode"; but our money's on Elisabeth Sladen winning Best Actress. After all, nobody deserves it more...

The magazine hits news stands on Thursday 7th December, priced £3.99. If you look closely, you can just about see good old Sarah-Jane on the cover!

On a related note, Doctor Who Adventures issue 19 promises to "...chat to the cast of The Sarah Jane Adventures, including actress Elisabeth Sladen, and discover more about the special New Year episode...". There's also a look at "School Reunion's" threat, the Krillitane. The magazine is released on Wednesday 13th December, priced (as usual) at £1.99. Kids, reserve that copy now!

Finally the site's daily "Sarah Jane Adventures" posts, which explore the rich history of Sarah-Jane Smith, have moved. Check out the link in the side column to find out all of the details about this exciting history lesson...

(Hang about, exciting history lessons are possible?!?)

And that, folks, just about wraps up what's undoubtably the biggest and most relevant post in the site's short history. With broadcast little over 25 days away now, things are really hotting up, and the excitement is pumping around my body.

Sarah Jane's returning to the small screen at last - and I'm over the blumming moon!

Toodles for now...


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