Monday, December 11, 2006

Zombies, Lipsticks and Sarah!

This evening's edition of children's magazine "Blue Peter" featured a preview of "The Sarah Jane Adventures". Amongst the items shown were a selection of clips from the New Year's Day Special 'Invasion of the Bane'.

I'm going away to set the VHS timer for the 6:30 repeat on the CBBC Channel this very evening - and will update a little more once I've seen the preview in full.

UPDATE: The scenes shown appear to be the same as those currently doing the rounds across the internet (i.e. the ones from the condensed seven minute version of the episode). They include what appears to be a similiar looking alien to the villain from Torchwood's "Greeks Bearing Gifts", as well as footage of Maria, and the villainous Mrs. Wormwood.

Presenter Konnie Huq interviewed both Elisabeth Sladen and Yasmin Paige (Maria). Lis Sladen talked about how Sarah-Jane must change now that there's children around her, whereas Yasmin discussed the private tutors that teach her and the other children every day.

Attempting to interview Samantha Bond (in character as Mrs. Wormwood) Konnie was seemingly hypnotised by the "Bubbleshock" drink. Oh dear...

In other news, it's been revealled that the Blue Peter presenters konnie Huq and Gethin Jones have a small cameo in "Invasion of the Bane" - advertising Bubbleshock! Naughty naughty BBC...

As soon as screencaps become available, we'll post them all here.

Until then (again) it's a goodbye for now...
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