Monday, March 19, 2007

13 (Lucky For Some?)

A quick update on the filming front. Contrary to reports by Elisabeth Sladen in early February, it doesn't look like the "Sarah Jane Adventures" will be delayed after all. The fan myth abound when Sladen revealed at a convention that 'production problems' on Torchwood had resulted in a delay in the development of SJA. But now we know differently!

Filming is expected to begin some time in April. Though no exact date has been given, believes it to be either the second or third week of the month. We're told that it'll be a 13 week shoot, lasting from April through to around the end of June (but there's an option for a longer schedule - say 15/16 weeks - if needbe)

Meanwhile I'm told that all but Gareth Robert's final two scripts are now written - although I've still no news on which writers wrote particular episodes. More news on writers, directors andguest stars when we get it.

There is a quick piece of casting news though. It looks like producers have decided not to re-cast the role of Kelsey, and are instead looking in a completely different direction. The current intention, I'm told, is to add another young male to the cast (approx. 14 years old). When this latest character will make his debut is anybody's guess. Perhaps he'll have been part of a 'house swap' with Kelsey's parents?!?

And that's all you're getting of off me for now (partially cos I don't know anymore!) With filming set to begin real soon, expect a real rush of news to come. If not, don't look at me! It's not my fault that BBC Wales are being so secretive!

Oh, and one last thing; becareful when you book those summer holidays. I'm told there might be something good on the telly...
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