Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Highly Illegal, I'm sure...

Last week I posted a number of Torchwood related videos over on TW.tv - and after doing a little digging I've found yet more videos starring a certain Miss Elisabeth Sladen. Most of them are taken from copyrighted broadcasts though - so if he links fail to work don't blame me; the BBC has probably asked for them to be removed from youtube indefinately!

1: Some Mothers Do Have 'Em
An early appearence by Lis taken from an early 1970s episodes. If you're a fan of fruit and veg, then you're in for a treat!

2: Who is Tom Baker?
A fascinating 8 minute interview with Lis - talking about working with Tom Baker!

3: The Hand of Fear
A classic UKGold introduction, by Lis, on Sarah Jane's final adventure...

4: Naughty Jon Pertwee Blooper!
Jon Pertwee says "shit" - do you really need further encouragment to watch?!?

5: The Ghosts of N-Space
A 'missing' audio adventure starring Lis Sladen, Jon Pertwee and Nicholas Courtney!

6: The Pescatons
Another audio adventure; this time featuring the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane...

7: "Invasion of the Bane" trailer!
A chance to see the Christams Day trailer for "The Sarah Jane Adventures"

8: The Doctor
Taken from "Bane" - Sarah discusses a man she once knew...

9: It's a Surprise!!!
Trust me folks, you'll want to click here (again and again!)

I had another short clip too, from "Z Cars" but it doesn't seem to work (infact I remember hearing once that Lis' appearence on the show has since been wiped). Please, if you have any other worthwhile links (no fanvids please) then leave them below in the comments section. They'll be much appreciated.

Right... back to work! Adios amigos...
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