Saturday, March 31, 2007

It's started!

Just a quick heads up that Neill Gorton, the guy in charge of Doctor Who and Torchwood's prosmetics, has updated his wonderful blog - and informed us all of a few interesting tibits. Sounds like Neill's having a blast...

"I attended the press preview night for series 3 of Doctor Who last Wednesday at the Mayfair hotel. It was a fantastic night, fantastic and brilliant …… FREE BOOZE!!! Woo Hoo!!!!…………….Got to see the first two episodes of series 3 too!

Seriously, the first two episodes are superb and seeing them on a big screen with an audience was terrific fun. There’s a real feeling amongst the crew that the series is going from strength to strength both technically and with the stories. These first two episodes are so strong. Seeing them on the big screen reminded me why I just don’t find movies that interesting anymore because this two episodes of television just blew away any movie I’ve seen in the past year!

Great to hear the official announcement for series 4 of “WHO” (Hooray - I knew already but only a short time before everyone else!). Also had a few quiet words from Mr. Russell T about upcoming characters for series four. So Exciting…..It’s great to know but murder because I also know I have to keep my mouth shut for the next twelve months!!! AAAARRRRGGGHH!"

But most interesting of all? Has to be this segment...

"We started this week on “THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES” which is a spin off show from Doctor Who. We also have “TORCHWOOD” kicking off next week so it’s a busy Spring time at the Millennium workshop along with our new feature horror film project LVK which we’ve been getting our teeth into over the past couple of weeks."

This news corrolates with what sources have already informed us of; that filming on the SJA begins April 16th. I'm told that a new actor has now been hired, and that he has a wonderful personality. He's a little older than the other kids, but pulls off playing a 14 year old "magnificently".

Oh, and I'm hearing that a 'Who monster pops up in the opening episode...

Enjoy "Doctor Who" tonight - I hear it's a trip to the moon you won't forget in a hurry! Who knows, if successful we could very well be watching the Martha Jones Adventures 30 years from now. Wonder of k9 would still be locked in that safe then?!?
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