Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Loving "Galaxy Quest"

I travelled up to town before. Interesting, I know. Whilst I was there I picked up a good number of things (including the "Doctor Who Album" - which I've been waiting to buy for months now!) Also on my shopping list was the latest SFX Magazine Special (number 28) which - rather appropraitely considering it returns this very week - is a Doctor Who bonanza!

Inside there's a review of every single episode of "NuWho" so far, including the first two series of Doctor Who (and those Christmas specials too...); Torchwood; and The Sarah Jane Adventures. In short, the reviewer Dave Golder gives "Invasion of the Bane" a respectable 3.609 out of 5 which places it as the 13th highest placed "NuWho" episode since 2005! That's higher than every single episode of Torchwood!

Towards the back of the magazine there's also an interview with one Elisabeth Sladen where she remembers the heyday that was 1960's Liverpool, a throw-a-way comment Ronnie Barker once made to her, as well as he love for the Tim Allen sci-fi / comedy "Galaxy Quest". The movie is officially cool! Yay, cos it gives me an excuse to promote it here!

Oh, and before I forget the magazine has a reminder that Lis will be appearing at the 10th Planet store in Essex this coming Sunday June 2nd between 1:30pm and 3:30pm. As ever this is subject to work commitments on the Sarah Jane Adventures series - but for the time being, it's a date worth putting down in your handy 500 year diaries!

The SFX Doctor Who Special is out now at all good newsagents - and comes with a free collectable Target novel! All for £5.99!!! Hurry whilst stocks last... or the Judoon might just transport you to the moon!
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