Monday, April 30, 2007

Much Ado About Joseph

After hours of casually browsing on the internet (I had nothing better to do!) I uncovered a neat site that I can't believe I've never visited before. It's the unofficial fan site of Joseph Millson - who we all know better as Alan Jackson, the father of Maria, in "The Sarah Jane Adventures".


The site picks up on the news that Joseph is now back in Cardiff recording the series again. As we recently observed, he's been spotted on set and in character as Alan Jackson once more. Joseph will be a recurring face around the Cardiff area for the next 11 weeks whilst filming continues.

I's never realised just how wide a career the man has had. Looking at the unofficial site (which has a handy look back at all of Joseph's past television and theatre work) you can see the range of things he's been involved in over the years - from Eastenders and Peak Practice, to the BBC's recent Macbeth adaptation and ITV's new series, "Is This Love" (coming soon, by the way) All proof that Joseph deserves his place alongside Lis Sladen, et al!

The site is viewable by clicking here; and it's been added to our links page too.

Filming is continuing as we speak, and soon enough we should be bringing you all the latest shenanigans via set reports and photos - so stay tuned!

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