Friday, April 27, 2007

Another Jigsaw Piece

Ok ... so disappointed as I was about the interview, I took a leaf from our newest recruits book and headed off to Penarth .... and they were filming again! Huzzah!

I got to see Clyde! Oh yes! Think a younger Bradley from S Club and you would be about right for his looks. Also Luke was there, Maria's Dad and the nun ... who is played by the lady who played Suze on Gimme Gimme Gimme (or somebody who looks very like her!!)

The crew were giving me very odd looks ... they had to pause for a few planes passing over head and Clyde had a fit of the giggles for one of his lines. But I stood quietly, ignored the strange looks from the team and dug in my heels to get some juicy stuff for you! I also said hello to Luke's real mum ... clearly as they look very alike!!!!
The main scene I watched, from the lamp post by Sarah-Janes drive, involved the nun knocking on Sarah-Jane's door and asking Luke & Clyde about a talisman. Maria's Dad came to the rescue and chased her off. Luke and Clyde then had a conversation ... but I could only hear Clyde's lines. And he warned Luke that when a nun comes knocking on your door asking about alien gizmo's, never tell her you have one!
No sign of Lis sadly ..... just the car on the drive. And as the only non member of staff on site, I didn't risk pics... I am sure I would have been chased away, had I tried.
And a special well done to the blonde make up lady who was very excited about getting her 'checks' done!

So there we are ... our first major plot scoop!
Suddenly today is feeling a whole lot better.
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