Friday, April 27, 2007

No Grillings Today

We all know that the BBC are making some truly great television (and radio). Just take a look at Doctor Who, or any of its spin-offs. Look at Spooks and Hustle. Great programmes, all of them. Each and every one of them are watched by a good few million men and women every night - and little blogs like this pop up on occassion to celebrate the shows.

Blogs like these are written by the fans, for the fans. It's our love for the show that drives us to write everyday, and it's probably the reason why you're reading the site too. We're fans. We care above all else; and that's probably why my heart breaks having to tell you the news I just got.

The BBC have, sadly, declined our interview questions for Colin Teague (even though the man himself was up for the grilling). Apparently the reason being he is currently under contract with the Corporation, and as this site isn't an official BBC produced blog, Colin's interview can't appear. Damn.

Of course, it's not Colin's fault - or even the BBC's really (after all, they've got a job to do). But that doesn't alter the facts; the BBC are letting down every fan reading this site. After all the love we've put in, we're being denied access to our favourite show, and that's a disgrace.

So its back out to the streets and our great scoops from the likes of Scooty, to keep our appetites well and truly whetted.....

I would really like to thank everyone who contributed, and again offer my humblest apologies for this now not being a possibility. We did try for you!

I shall be sat in the corner playing with my action figures if anyone wants me.

Sulking isn't just for kiddies you know ;)
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