Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Mysterious Black Van

Filming on "The Sarah Jane Adventures" continues, and this week the production team and cast found themselves at Tonteg. Thanks - once more - to the wonder that is Scooty for taking the pictures that follow. He really must be the sneakiest Smithie around...

"Right - the all important post! The gossip!

I got there around 1pm and everything was just being set up. The kids had just arrived, with Lis following shortly after. Around a dozen cars and extras were brought to the location and spread up the street. Episodes 3/4 do seem to feature the Slitheen and something to do with the sun . .

For the take, all the extras got out of their cars to watch the sun and the kids and Lis ran down a hill before looking at the sun. The dialogue from two different scenes:

Lis said that Episodes 1-4 are pretty much wrapped! And she was wearing the most wonderful hat - like the one from Robot - just pink and flowery! Also Clyde has a Scooter. All the kids were wearing School Uniforms except Clyde. Was quite odd seeing him smoking on location too . . ."

Brownie points for anybody who can tell me just what the mysterious black van is all about...

For more of the photos, with more added black van, click here and here.

Next week production starts on block two, which consists of just two episodes - seven and eight, which make up Gareth Robert's "Adventure Four". More news on who's directing this block, and some guest stars when they become available to us.

For now though, just enjoy your first proper shot of Daniel Anthony in character as Clyde - the scooter driving teenager!

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