Saturday, June 09, 2007

Out and About

Though I've been away from the computer most of the week, the Sarah Jane Adventures production team have kept busy and have been on the streets of Cardiff (and indoors too; the sophisication of it all) recording scenes for "Adventure Four" of the series proper, which has been recording now for the past two weeks.


Members of the OutpostGallifrey forum reported early Wedsnesday afternoon that filming was taking place on location at Penarth Pier. Sadly there's no location photos from this shoot. The location was previously used last month during a shoot for an upcoming episode of Torchwood's second season. You can see's report on that shoot here.

On Friday (8th June) the production team headed on out to Cardiff University's Science Library to film several scenes involving Daniel Anthony, Yasmin Paige and Joseph Millson. Graeme Harper was on hand directing the action - and a good number of photos from the shoot (courtesy of the ever faithful Scooty) can be found over at Photobucket.

There's now the usual weekend break, and filming will resume this coming Monday for the last week and a half of Block Two's filming. From what I hear, the episodes themselves are a real blast, and offer an insight into the psychology of two very prominent characters.

The more I hear about this series, the more excited I become!
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