Saturday, August 25, 2007

All Hail! New Spoilers!

Yes, this post is abound with spoilers for the forthcoming Sarah Jane Adventures series, so if spoilers really aren't your thing then I suggest you look away now. For everybody else, lets revel in all of the spoiler-filled goodness that comes out of the latest issue of SFX Magazine, which is released next Wednesday. I got a sneaky early subscription copy, 'ya see...


There's confirmation that the Slitheen alien menace (first seen in Christopher Eccleston's "Aliens of London") feature in episodes one and two, which form the two part - untitled - Adventure One. Says SJA producer Matthew Brouch: "We did that because we wanted to bring an audience from Doctor Who. They're great monsters - they've always appealed to children."

Bouch goes on to say what else will feature during the series run, "There's a classic monster from Greek mythology in episodes three and four. We have a more classic alien character in five and six. Seven and eight will have a slightly more absract villain - he's more of a meddler in the affairs of the universe. I'll keep quiet about the villain in nine and ten, because that's a surprise..."

So, any crossovers planned? "There's no mention of Torchwood in Sarah Jane," Bouch confirms. "[But] yeah, there are references to the Brig and to UNIT. There are two or three key things that I think the fanboys will be happy with..." Oooh, as long as it's not the 'long awaited' return of K9 And Company's Brendan, then I'm all ears!

The interview goes on to talk about the expectations of children's television, especially the idea of sexuality in modern teens' lives. Bouch talks about the traditional story telling of the series, and how well the double 30 minute cliffhanger format works. All in all it's an interesting read which you can pick up from stores this coming Wednesday priced £3.99.

Oh, and did I mention it's got plenty of new photos? I've reprinted just one of them above; but to see the rest you'll just have to buy the magazine for yourself!

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