Sunday, August 12, 2007

No Stocking Fillers

Lets re-cap: the official BBCi Doctor Who site updated itself with information about the latest audio release, which seemed to indicate that they'll be some form of Sarah Jane Christmas Special. Peter_Pan gets all excited and posts about it here, and a whole lot of other people suddenly get excited too. We're getting a SJA Christmas Special?! Well, no actually...

One of my longest serving SJA sources, who worked on the production team all summer, has emailed me to confirm that there are no plans whatsoever for a Sarah Jane festive special - although the production team are thinking ahead to year two right now...

" I can confirm, there is NO christmas special for 2007, and we have had no discussions about it (only the prospect of another series for next year). Confirmation on [season two] will be after this current series has aired, and they can judge whether it will be valid to go ahead again.

I can confirm, however, that there will be some new bits and bobs included on the website - and continual additions as the series progresses, plus some televisual ads due out towards the end of this month, beginning of Sept - obviously! (just before the series starts!)"

So there you are - no Christmas Special. But it's not all bad news - we have adverts starting soon (hooray!) and the prospect of a second season of adventures. On top of that we might have a title for Gareth Robert's adventure one at last. Apparently several internet forums have posted that the adventure will be called "Slitheenia" - whick makes sense if you've been following spoilers about that particular adventure. As ever, nothing is confirmed.
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