Thursday, December 06, 2007

All Time High

The full figures are out for the SJA on CBBC and it reached an all time high for the channel! The final ep garnered an incredible 659,000 viewers - the highest CBBC has ever reached!

Of the top ten shows rated for the whole year, The Sarah-Jane Adventures takes 8 of the places with both parts of The Lost Boy, Warriors of Kudlak and Whatever Happened to Sarah-Jane, with the second halves of Revenge of the Slitheen and Eye of the Gorgon. Places 9 & 10 went to MI High.
Eye of the Gorgon part 1 creeps in at number 13.

Since launch, the highest ratings on the channel are the SJA "The Lost Boy - Part 2", followed by "Whatever Happened... Part 2" ... and then silly old "Tracy Beaker"

So wake up Aunty Beeb! Give us word on a second and equally brilliant series!
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