Thursday, July 10, 2008

Don't Give Him Stick...

This post contains spoilers regarding a certain two part adventure from the second series of "The Sarah Jane Adventures". If you'd rather not be spoiled, look away now!

Just ended a frenzied email exchange with a woman who claims to have access to the SJA production. She's read the scripts for the latest two part adventure to be filmed (well, she claims she has... really, I've no proof either way - although it sounds genuine) and has given me a few hints and teases about what to expect from the return of the Brigadier!!

Feel free to take with a pinch of salt. For the time being, I will:
Highlight to reveal :)

+ Mr. Smith begins to receive information that an attack on Earth is imminent - at the same time, Luke begins to experience strange dreams, with a familiar female foe haunting him. She's calling out for Luke, because [well, that'd be telling].

+ Coincendentally, Sarah-Jane is receiving a visit from an old friend at the same time; Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart - formerly Brigadier of U.N.I.T (or at least, the U.N.I.T of the old days...)

+ Sir Alistair is now semi-retired, having fallen out with the M.O.D over their treatment of U.N.I.T in recent years. Warfare isn't always the answer, he tells Sarah. It took a wise man (ergo, the Doctor) to make him realise that.

+ The Sontarans are back; having formed an alliance with an old foe! They want "blood revenge" for their defeat in Doctor Who's "The Sontaran Stratagem" two parter.

+ Sir Alistair has something rather sinister concealed in his cane - a gun! He uses it to shoot a Sontaran's probic vent!!

+ A florists plays an important role within the story...

+ There's "a lovely scene" with Sarah, the Brigadier and Luke up in Sarah's attic. It's a trip down memory lane; especially when Sir Alistair sees a picture of Harry Sullivan...

+ We learn what the Brig was doing during the Dalek invasion...

And there you have it - there was a few other plot elements that, for the sake of respecting the work of the production team, I'll keep hidden for a while yet.

What do you think? Believable or not?
UPDATE!! Forgot to say, the episodes in question are directed by Graeme Harper. At a guess I'd say they're Phil Ford's untitled episodes 11 and 12 (the finale).
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