Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What Would Doris Think..?

Saturday just gone, I visited my Dad. We struck a deal that we'd watch the Doctor Who finale together. Days gone by, we use to do that a lot - but recent years, I've all grown up and lead a life of my own. So it was nice to sit with him and watch a brand new episode, live, and re-live a childhood tradition of Doctor Who with Daddy.

In the build-up to the episode's broadcast, we watched a few old episodes of the show, this year's Torchwood finale, and the Sarah Jane Adventures pilot episode, "Invasion of the Bane". We got talking, and agreed how great it'd be, now that we've seen Daleks and Davros, the Master and the Cybermen to see other elements of Who lore returning.

We name checked everything from Zygons to Silurians, the Rani to the locals of Peladon. But, God's honest truth, the one thing we wanted to return more than anything else was... Nicholas Courtney as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. Yesterday we reported on how that could well be a possibility.

The rest of this post contains SPOILERS.

We can now confirm that Lethbridge-Stewart, an icon of my childhood, returns during the second series of the SJA - alongside the Sontarans, and another enigmatic enemy too!

A picture, taken from the set, has been embedded here.

I'm delighted, because I love the character - one of my all time fave Doctor Who characters. Last seen in "Battlefield"; and although I (sorta) like that particular adventure - soon to be released on DVD - it was far from the finale that the Brigadier or, more importantly, Nicholas Courtney deserved.

Sarah Jane Smith has maintained contact with her former ally over the years; she name checked him in various series one SJA episodes, and even had a photograph of him hanging in her attic.

Wonder how she'll react to seeing him again after all this time?

You can find out when "The Sarah Jane Adventures" series two airs this Autumn.
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