Friday, July 11, 2008

Saturday Night Sarah-Jane?

One of the most dangerous things about writing a fan-blog like this is the constant stream of emails one receives from various people, claiming to be inside sources. Sometimes it's fairly obvious when they're lying, and aren't real sources. Sometimes it's harder to see the truth. If I'm honest, I only report about 25% of the stuff I get sent - the rest, I'm guessing, is completely untrue.

You have to be careful what you report. You have a responcibilty running something like this. I remember during the early days of I got sent a the synopsis for the first eight episodes of Torchwood - almost six months before transmission!! I knew that Jack was immortal. I knew the fate of Suzie Costello. I knew about the Cyberwoman. Everything! (Except that Suzie returned in episode eight - originally that episode, "They Keep Killing Suzie", was a lot different...). Imagine if I'd posted that online, months before transmission? They'd have been chaos... not to mention, BBC Wales would have hated me!

I usually decide to post a story if there's evidence it could be true (which is why yesterday's story regarding a series two SJA guest artist was put online) but sometimes, I'll still hold off - 'cos even I, Mr. Gulliable, can't quite be sure if what I'm reading is to be believed.

Where's all this going? Well, a while back (a few weeks after series one ended its run) I received word that the second series of the SJA wouldn't be returning to its CBBC. Oh no; the BBC had apparently deemed it enough of a success to transfer to primetime Saturday night.

And that was that. I didn't hear anything more on the story for a long while - but thing is, these past few weeks, there's been a few more rumblings that the story is true.

Personally, I doubt it - the programme was commissioned for its CBBC slot. But then again, Torchwood was originally a BBC Three mainstay, before BBC Two (and now BBC One) poached it. And "Invasion of the Bane" wasn't aired as part of CBBC. It broadcast independent. So maybe, just maybe, it's true. But I doubt it.

Still, it'd be rather wonderful wouldn't it if, during Doctor Who's year long break, we got something Who-esque to replace it in the schedules.

This fan can dream!
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