Monday, September 22, 2008

Companions Galore!

According to the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) the approaching "Battlefield" DVD will contain a 'Coming Soon' trailer for January 2009's DVD boxset - the E-Space Trilogy, which consists of three adventures (most trilogies do...) "Full Circle", "State of Decay" and "Warrior's Gate". The trio mark the final farewell (save for occassional guest spots) of Romana and K9 from the series. Months later, K9 would return to television screens, however - alongside Sarah Jane Smith in the flat pilot "K9 and Company". Another 25 years would pass between that story, and the launch of "The Sarah Jane Adventures"...

So three cheers for this latest K9 DVD release!!

In other news, Big Finish productions have confirmed the return of another former 'Who lady - Iris Wildthyme, who'll be starring in her own set of audio only spin-off adventures. Doctor Who Magazine, who announced the new series, state that the adventuress (created by Paul Magrs) will be released monthly later this year.

While we're at the whole 'three cheers' thing... three cheers for Iris!!

Less than a week now, folks...
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