Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Odd One Out

Well, I've certainly had an interesting Monday morning - messing around on trains, bored rigid at a work meeting in Preston, rushing home to watch the first in a new series of the SJA... oh, wait. Scratch that last point, because as we all know the SJA start again next Monday, the 29th... not today, and I... we... would never be silly enough to forget that, would be? Especially if one writes one of the internet's leading SJA fansites...

I'm an idiot, okay??*

Anyhoo... DigitalSpy has a number of spoilers regarding the opening two episodes of the series, that make up the adventure "The Last Sontaran". Episodes that air next week. NEXT WEEK. Got that? As in 7 days from now, not today, oh no. Definitely not today...

Highlight to reveal several SPOILERS for episode one - beware, one of them will prove false!

+ Sarah Jane uses her sonic lipstick on a Sontaran ship.
+ Clyde and Luke use Mr. Smith for computer games.
+ The Rutans pop up during the episode.
+ Sarah Jane speaks to old friend Sir Alastair on the phone to find out a vital piece of information.
+ A Sontaran is accused of being a fan of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Conan movie franchise.
+ A Predator-style cloaking device is deployed in Goblin's Copse.
+ Maria's dad Alan receives a very important letter.

Highlight to reveal several SPOILERS for episode two - again one of them, not so true (but can you guess which...?)

+ Sarah Jane is shot.
+ One of Maria's parents doesn't survive the episode.
+ Luke has a gas problem.
+ Chrissy meets Mr. Smith.
+ A Sleeper Agent is on the loose.
+ Law Three of Sontaran Battle: Always have a Plan B.
+ A Sontaran's stumpy fingers are used to thwart the alien invader.

To think, there's only six days to go now before we see the adventure for ourselves. How are you planning on watching the story, and indeed, the following series? Personally - and in regret - I'll be at university most Mondays, so it'll be an I Player job, which kinda takes the magic away from watching the episode. 'Live' is best!

*And to think, for a good hour I was moaning about BBC I-Player for not having the episode uploaded. Thanks to an engimatic someone for telling me otherwise...
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