Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Noble Return

Always loved spin-offs, I think, especially when they lead to crossovers - and there wasn't a better multi-series crossover, I honestly believe, than the finale to Doctor Who's fourth season, "The Stolen Earth"/"Journey's End". I mean, come on, it had it all - and who didn't love Sarah Jane meeting Captain Jack, or Donna Noble meeting Captain Jack...

Ah, Donna Noble... the emotional backbone for the entire fourth series; and a character with so bleak a destiny that it doesn't bare thinking about. I mean, to forever forget the splendor and wonder of life with the Doctor? What's sadder than that??

Writer/Producer Russell T Davies reveals in his new book "The Writer's Tale" (a collection of emails - over 500 pages of them!! - he sent back and forth with DWM journalist Benjamin Cook, during the production of the 2008 series) that Catherine Tate, on one of the last days of filming, did talk to him about a potential return...

"Catherine is begging to make an appearence in The Sarah Jane Adventures, because it's her daughter's favourite show, but I'm sitting here going, 'But how?!'"

So there we have it... Catherine does want to return to the Doctor Who universe, in whatever form that return might take. [SPOILERS - highlight] There have been rumblings that Tate will return in one of next year's four Doctor Who specials, alongside John Simm as the Master.

Catherine Tate does not appear in this latest SJA series, sadly.
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