Saturday, September 20, 2008

For Chrissie's Sake!

One of my concerns about this latest series of The Sarah Jane Adventures is that, still a week or so away from transmission, we already know so much about what will happen and the fates of our favourite characters (unlike, say, series three or four of Doctor Who - I remember sitting down some weeks and not knowing anything at all about what I was about to see, save the Radio Times listings.) Take the Jackson's for example; sure, we knew they were leaving, and when it was happening - but did they really have to tell us before hand the reasons why?!

DigitalSpy (not to blame for the leak of the information, I might add) previews the new series, by looking at Maria's departure and the subsequent arrival of Rani Chandra. To compliment the article, there's an interview with Juliet Cowan who plays Maria's mother, Chrissie Jackson - who very much hints as to a Jackson reunion sometime (*cough cough* season finale) soon...

Meanwhile as my good man and fellow writer 'Peter Pan' observes, the latest issue of SFX Magazine has a one page interview/profile of the gorgeous Elisabeth Sladen (oh come on... as if you wouldn't...) where the star herself is a little naughty, and reveals the fate of Maria and Alan Jackson - so LOOK AWAY NOW SPOILERPHOBES!!!

"They are in America, but they can still help Sarah through modern technology," Says Sladen, who also promises a 'more layered' second run of adventures, "It comes in the dialogue. Emotionally it's more varied. It doesn't kind of... cut off so quickly. It sounds a bit patronising - it's not meant to be. We go in on a different level. Maybe last time we went in and you just kind of flick on it and then you move on. We stay with the problem more this time. Therefore, you have to have dialogue that will not patronise, that will not just be very slick about it because we're going onto another scene. It just seems more meaty."

Sladen goes on to discuss her status as new found Doctor Who fan - but to read about that and more, you'll have to pick up SFX issue 175 out on Wednesday, priced £3.99 (or thereabouts).

Finally, a quick mention for "The Writer's Tale" - a new book by Russell T Davies and journalist Benjamin Cook, which explores the writing process behind the fourth series of the revived Doctor Who. In it, Davies talks about how he planned the 14 adventures (including the bonkers crossover 'event' season finale) as well as his general writing practices.

The book is out 25th September, and should be of interest to all Doctor Who and SJA fans. The RRP is £30, although the likers of are selling it for as little as £15.99.
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