Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One Short Leg

Gotta admit, I love Monster Munch crisps - pickled onion flavour, in particular. My love of the brand/flavour lead me into the shops today when a craving struck and I knew I just had to have a pack. The cheaper the packet, the better - which took me inside the uber cheap Home Bargain store, to find something rather special...

Racks of SJA toys!!

I asked the store manager and apparently Home Bargain have aquired a good number of the figures, released by Character Option, and are selling them across UK stores at a fantastic £1.99 each! You can pick up all three of the double figure packs (Sarah Jane, Baby Slitheen; SJ & Kudlak; SJ & a Graske) as well as a model of Sarah Jane's sonic lipstick and wriststrap.

Alongside a few pesky packs of pickled onion crisps, I grabbed one of each toy (which, shamefully, I didn't yet possess...) and took 'em home - where I discovered, to my absolute horror, that one of my SJS figures has a leg significantly shorter than the other! She's incapable of standing alongside my other Whoniverse figures, which depresses me no end, as you can imagine!

Make sure you pick up the toys, or give them to a younger family member this Christmas!
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