Monday, November 10, 2008

That Monday Feeling

It's been a busy day for fans of The Sarah Jane Adventures, with the release of the Region 2 DVD of the show's first series (available to order now for UK readers via the very lovely folk at and the broadcast of "Mark of the Berserker" (Part One/BBC One, Part Two/CBBC Channel) to follow this evening.

Next week sees the debut of a brand new adventure (on CBBC, at least) "The Temptationm of Sarah Jane Smith" - written by Gareth Roberts, and directed by Graeme Harper. The story features the return of an old folk or two, so if you want to remain unspoiled, then don't highlight the section of text - courtesy of the BBC Press Office - below:

"Temptation..." Part One: "When Sarah Jane returns a boy who has slipped through a time fissure back to 1951, she realises she has found a way to meet the parents she never knew. But is it a trap? Sarah Jane and Luke fall victim to a revenge plot by The Trickster."

"Temptation..." Part Two: "Clyde and Rani, trapped in a devastated alternative world with the survivors of mankind, make a desperate bargain with The Graske. Then Rani travels to 1951 to help Sarah Jane, who has been reunited with her long-lost parents. Sarah Jane needs to defeat the Trickster – but will the price she has to pay be too high?"

Bonus! "Enemy of the Bane" Part One: "Gita vanishes and Sarah Jane encounters an unwelcome face from the past – Mrs Wormwood. Now hunted by the Bane, Mrs Wormwood needs Sarah Jane's help to foil their plan to take over the galaxy with an ancient alien power. And Sarah Jane also needs help – from the Brigadier."

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine - number 402 - will be released later this week, and features a tasty SJA cover, which you can see below. More details on this when the magazine hits shelves across the country this Wednesday.


Finally, winners from the "Upper Boat Tour" competition were in the Welsh studios this weekend (the 8/9 November) and were greeted by Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner. According to this, the 400 winners took part in a very special - shot especially for the event - scene from the SJA. Hmm... wonder what that was all about...?!

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