Wednesday, February 03, 2010

In The Press

Originally posted by Nabu San:

Radio Times magazine got in touch with me recently, and offered me the chance to flick through an advance copy of their soon to be released Doctor Who souvenir book!

Eager to see whether our very own Sarah Jane Smith figured prominently within this 164-page tome to Russell T. Davies' tenure, I felt almost unprofessionally giddy when I woke up to find a copy of this highly-coveted magazine in my post last Friday.

Having been delivered to Radio Times HQ only a few days prior to being sent to me, the magazine still possessed the faint aroma of something fresh-off-the-printers. If the mere smell of the magazine didn't speak volumes about the quality, nor the luxuriant touch of the finely-bound glossy pages - then the visual feast of images spread across this stunning publication would've been enough to send any self-respecting Doctor Who fan into a squee-induced frenzy.

Laid out in a pictorial montage to the 'new' series, this souvenir book wonderfully captures Radio Times' promotional work for Doctor Who since its return in 2005. Each publicity still featured shines out as a photographic masterpiece, with full-page spreads exhibiting some of these images in all their exquisite glory. The comprehensive gallery of photos, some never before seen by public eyes, even covers the Doctor's appearance in The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith two-parter on SJA!

A feat that, under David Tennant's reign as the Doctor, hadn't even been achieved by SJA's post-watershed sibling show, Torchwood.

Aside from the additional promo shots of Lis and David from the Wedding two-parter, the magazine also features an insightful behind-the-scenes gander at the development of the Slitheen, Sontaran and Judoon prosthetics.

Collectors' Edition is not a label that Radio Times take lightly, but it's a label constantly reinforced on every page of this goliath compendium. This magazine is the product of thousands of pounds worth of photography, and at the mere price of £6.99 - it's worth every penny to own a copy of your very own! Call up the 24-hour order line on 0844 543 9822 for more details!


In other news,'s been mentioned in the latest issue of Collector's Gazette, a specialist magazine for hobbyists and collecting enthusiasts! In an article promoting Memorabilia's SJA cast signing a few months ago, the journalist was kind enough to devote a few paragraphs to the fans who'd come along to support the show - including yours truly! You can pick up a copy for £2.75 in most well-stocked WHSmith stores, or alternatively - you can click on the image to the right to see what I said!

On a final note, we here at would like to wish Tommy 'Tombo' Knight and our very own Elisabeth 'Lis' Sladen a very belated HAPIIIII BIRFDAEE! They celebrated their 17th and 62nd year of existence over the past fortnight. =D *cyber confetti* Hope they had a good 'un, and here's to many more!
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