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Normally, yes. But as you can see this main page has been a wee bit neglected of late. There's been a spate of SJA related news, and we missed it. We messed up - so to make up for that fact, and to clear our consciences, here's a quick update on all the news we failed to bring you the first time around:

1: Anjli Mohindra - Law & Order: UK

Anjli appears on tomorrow night's episode of ITV1's Law & Order: UK (a spin-off from NBC's popular and long running Law & Order franchise). She guest stars as Sophie Martin, in an episode called 'Love & Loss'.

The official synopsis reads (taken from

A young woman vomits blood on the concourse of a London railway station and later dies in hospital. It turns out she was a drug mule who had just returned from Thailand, her stomach packed with bursting, heroin-filled condoms. Detectives Brooks and Devlin discover that she was a popular, hard-working girl from a good family, who are naturally stunned. But a little digging uncovers unpleasant details about her romantic life...

Freema Agyeman also stars.

(Interesting story from The Writer's Tale: The Final Chapter - Freema was set to guest star as Martha Jones in Enemy of the Bane, but couldn't commit because she won a starring role on L&O:UK, hence the reason why we had a visit by Nicholas Courtney as Lethbridge-Stewart instead.)

2: SFX Weekender

Lis Sladen was a guest at SFX Magazine's very own convention - the SFX Weekender, no less - on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th February. The event took place at Camber Sands holiday camp (it's where all the cool kids are heading this summer for their holidays...) in East Sussex.

Tom Baker was there, also, so it was somewhat of a mini-reunion for the two stars!

Anybody go? We'd love to hear from you if you did. Usual email address, etc, etc.

3: Events to come!

As you can probably see from the advert currently splashed on the sidebar of this very site, Tommy Knight is set to rock the Midlands Expo on Saturday 20th February - where he'll be taking part in a Q&A session, and afterwards signing autographs for the many waiting fans. More details here.

Alas, I can't make it. Blame the inevitable hangover from the night before, what with it being my 21st birthday and all...

Fellow contributor and chief Nabu San should be in attendence, however.

Following that comes the GallifreyOne convention between the 26th-28th February. It's Tommy Knight's first North American appearence, and he'll be joined for the event by a string of well known Doctor Who and SJA faces, including director Graeme Harper, Judoon/Dalek voice artist Nick Briggs, script editor Gary Russell and head writer Phil Ford!

Should be quite an amazing weekend (I'll still be hungover, mind...)!

4: Doctor Who @ the BBC: The Legend Reborn

Lis Sladen narrates this collection of clips and interviews taken from 2005 onwards, with regards to the production of NuWho. Check back here for a review of the discs, courtesy of Nabu, shortly - but know that you can pick the CD up (or download it) later this month.

5: DVD News

January saw the release of 'Peladon Tales' - a twin pack DVD set, consisting of two well remembered Jon Pertwee Doctor Who adventures. Alongside 1972's The Curse of Peladon there's its 1974 sequel, The Monster of Peladon, which stars Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith (in her first year on the series).

Amazon has it at the £18 mark, currently.

Next up, The Masque of Mandragora - which is released for the first time on DVD tommorrow!

As it stands, there are still 7 unreleased Sarah Jane Smith classic Doctor Who adventures on DVD:

+ Invasion of the Dinosaurs (episode 1 of which is thought to have been recoloured)
+ Death to the Daleks
+ Planet of the Spiders (rumoured for later in 2010)
+ Revenge of the Cybermen
+ Terror of the Zygons
+ The Android Invasion
+ The Seeds of Doom

It's now been confirmed that we won't see the release of The Sarah Jane Adventures: Series Three until later this year (October/November). Bad news for anybody hoping to see it on Blu-Ray; I'm hearing that BBC DVD have no plans to release it in this format.

Worse still, the David Tennant DVD commentary that was on the cards for the set (over The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, of course) has been cancelled. No reason given. The set will essentially be a vanilla release, void of any content bar the episodes themselves, a handful of trailers and extracts from a couple of SJA audiobooks.

6: The Sonic Lipstick Awards

A reminder to get voting, if you haven't already done so!

7: Series 4

Yes, it's official! We have a commission for a fourth run of adventures!! will be there to report its progress, every step of the way... probably just a few weeks behind everybody else on the web!

No, but seriously, we're back on track now guys and gals. Thanks for being so patient and supporting the site through the deathly slow news period.

As a token of our appreciation, here's a little exclusive:

Series 4 is a-go (that we know) - but when will we see it hit our screens? Might be a little later than we've come to expect, if the rumours I'm hearing are true...
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